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Friday, February 17, 2012


                        Needled ::   (in order of appearance)
  • Jane Austens Knits Magazine arrived in my post this week. Oh my goodness....Diving right in to this. Lace Yak ? [Has anyone knitted with lace yak?] Can you believe I successfully caked a skein of lace yak?
  • Madelinetosh Vintage pattern testing for Nell on ravelry. This is super fun, and dazzlingly soft. My first project with Rowan's Kidsilk Haze. But today , I saw THIS.  [queued]
  • Another of Veera's very smart garter stitch shawls. In all greens so I can successfully bird watch in camo.
  • My  Lispenard Pattern giveaway is still open for all. Put your name in once or twice for the drawing next week.
  • Linking up with the lovely Linda today. Have a great weekend !


  1. All your knitting looks gorgeous! I must try and subscribe to this Jane Austen Knitting magazine, it sounds lovely.

  2. what've you done to your photos, mizz?
    image 1 is looking particularly attractive...

  3. oh! beautiful! i have knit with yak, just once, a gift from my aunt. SO incredibly soft. i can't wait to see all your fo's. happy knitting!

  4. i forgot to say i love the camo bird watching!

  5. Is that really yak fleece, or am I missing the point? It all looks so gorgeous and soft.

    1. its yak alright ! reeeeeally thin yak. but its knitting up beautifully...i complain , but i do love the looks of lack knitting ! :)

    2. lack lace yak yak i think i need to go to bed...