Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Yarn Along

I've got some knitting to share with yoU!
I'm making HATS , AND HATS, AND HATS !
I am wearing that 70s hat , and Jack is sporting my rose red. I am casting on soon for another rose red. That's 4 hats in two weeks !@!

For this weeks yarn along ... I will show you my lace knitting progress. I warn you, it doesn't seem to look much different that my last blog post here = which was in OCTOBER !!!!

Doesn't this look gorgeous , fluffy , and adorable. Can you believe I frogged then unfrogged it.
I'm sorry little item of fluffiness - but you are slow going. Anyway, i'm persisting on. I will love wearing you little chick a dee scarf . ( thank you all for your tips on this last year, i did manage to untwist my twist )
 As for our reading :: John and I both have read this book - it's  beautiful.
Swimming with Crocodiles     by Will Chaffey
If you are interested about Australia or the Kimberley ; this is the book to read.
This book is all about where we live right now. Derby even gets a mention.
Happy knitting and reading to you all, Blessings. x


  1. Love your slouchy hat! I actually have that pattern in my queue. I saved it because my mom's name is Ida :)

    I might have to make it! Looks great!

  2. I will have to check out that book - I enjoy reading books based in Australia.

  3. I cannot believe you frogged the fuzzy yarn and lived to tell! It is beautiful yarn. Both hats look fantastic!

  4. I love the yellow green soft yarn you're working with!

  5. You FROGGED fluffy yarn? You are a better knitter than I am - I can never get that stuff to un-knit!

    Thanks for the Swimming with Crocodiles tip, I was wondering what to read next.