Thursday, January 19, 2012

Knitting a Fool

My new years resolution?

To knit like a fool.

I finished my study shawl  !!!!
It is so lovely i've been wearing it round the house.
Veera has some lovely striking designs, doesn't she.
ps. Test knitting coming up soon :))
Also, do you see how my sunny day scarf is growing !?
I am so encouraged by that lace ball slowly getting smaller, smaller, smaller.
Truth be known, the only reason I am working on this one is because I am
waiting for more exciting things to arrive in the mail !
Test knitting times two :: COWLS.
With that beautiful blue MadTosh Vintage you see there..
Joining up today with Ginny's yarn along  - (my word there are alot of link to get thru nowdays)


  1. Beautiful shawl...I love the colours!

  2. You look so delighted in your new shawl! Can't wait to see the cowls in MadTosh (love that stuff!).

  3. Love your stripe study. The pattern is in my queue. I just need to decide on colors! And test knitting - what fun!

  4. wait, how did i not know about this space? i've only been to oh angelina. hmmm. well, good to know, i'd better click on the follower button so i don't lose you now.

    beautiful shawl!

    1. i know ,,,, it is confusing ! I was on blogger (norwood walkabouts) for years, and when we moved to western australia the area was so remote - blogger would often not work up here. so i switched to wordpress (oh angelina). But now, wordpress seems to be not working and blogger is !! i'm just happy to be blogging and chatting with you all again. its very comforting . x

  5. The bright yellow sunny scarf is lovely...looks like you're quilting, too?

    1. yes! ive got two 12 by 12 panels of courthouse steps done. might turn into pillowcases.. (lazy quilter i am )

  6. Love that yarn! Mad. Tosh is so yummy!

  7. Gorgeous shawl! You did such a wonderful job :)