Thursday, September 30, 2010

a glad day

              with our upcoming reunion in mind,,,,i opened up my lovely birthday present [thank you mama]
               HANDMADE HOME by Amanda Soule is the best book. Her blog is here . 
               Using a thrifted wool blanket for the blocks, scrap fabrics for the lettering, and bias for the
                joining, this banner was created in no time. Seriously, this is the funnest craft i've done in
                a very long time. Every project in this book is made with reusables and is just as fun to do.
                   (beautiful mantle piece artwork done by the talented Katherine of Sleep & her Sisters.)
                                     i think it adds such a homey feel to our living space.
                                     in short, i just love it. i will be first in line for her next
                                     crafting book ! [when!??!?]
                              so ive been given some good and bad. the good is : it is nice and hot and sunny
                              and warm and friendly where we are going. the move date is possibly flexible.
                              we can buy a queensize bed [a little one is sandwiched between us currently].
                              i don't mind honestly, ive had him next to my side since the day he was born.
                              he is my dear cuddly little one..and his birth seems just like yesterday in my mind.
                                (who sees the kink?)
                                                  (banner relocated by smoky the bear)
                                   the bad is ... my beloved JAN does not appear to be coming with.
                                   packed away in storage for two months. saved for the movers.
                                   can this be happening? the separation seems bleak...would a
                                   non sighted be told no dogs allowed? a no pacemaker sign
                                   for the faint of heart? and yet this...a passionate maker deprived of
                                   the peace. i suppose i could just crochet [i did get a snazzy new crochet
                                   book from the kimberely bookshop from my hunny].
                                   i just dont know..what to do? its certainly too heavy for a carryalong.
                                   i just had a thought. perhaps perhaps  i could get a smaller . lighter .
                                   portable . one of those ministhatstillwork ones . like heather ross' ?
                                         {{**welcome home john! so glad you're back !**}}


  1. Lovely Banner. Lovely family picture.
    Glad about the good things on your move. Yay for you!
    I think Jan will be more sad than you are at being abandoned for a short time. I wouldn't worry though. The time will go fast & Jan will be with you in no time. Dig out the felt & have a play with that & the crochet in the meantime. You will still have plenty to do & this way you will be able to enjoy doing those things without Jan singing out to you to play!

  2. Love the banner, I am currently making a birthday banner for my son ad have been knitting the pieces, a felted old blanket or even sweaters is such a great idea though. Cannot make out what the JAN is..
    Ohh well:)

  3. how FUN is a happy family :)

  4. Two months is not long. It will fly. (For a moment, I thought Jan was a dog and you were going to leave him in storage!)You could always do your planning and cutting for the next few projects. Then when you are reunited, you can sew, sew, sew.

    Love the banner and love the sentiment.

  5. Love, love, love the banner! Happy days for all of you. Be blessed.

  6. the family portrait is awesome. Looks like you got your holiday card all set. Love your handmade home.

  7. Wow what a happy family.The people looks in the pictures so happy.I likes it.It is awesome photographs.The portraits is really so nice.