Sunday, July 18, 2010

making a waldorf doll - the body

yesterday, i cut out the pieces (one post back). i am using pale caucasion tricot from 
winterwood toys. today i am sewing them together. based on the pattern i am using i am ready
to sew, following my lines inside the seam allowance. i find the tricot lovely and so slippery. for some
unbeknownst reason, my feed dog loves eating it. i set my tension high, mine is on 5. do a test run first
on some tricot scrap from where you cut. a small zigzag stitch is required. after much frustrating  feed dog eating of the tricot - i decided to lower my feeddog completly. it didnt illeviate the eating of the flesh, but it certainly was easier. my lowering device is under my machine, as indicated in the photo above.

{if someone can offer a bit of advice or knowledge on this problem, wont you give a shout out. because this stuff is so difficult to sew, this step is my least favorite  of the doll making process. truly. }

                                                                  god save the queen.
                                                               i'm finished sewing this stuff.
when you are finished, you should end up with something looking like this.
if you have no idea what you are doing, dont worry.
neither do i.
{insert nice cuppa here}
the best part about making your own doll at home, is that the child it is intended for can
help. here is jackson carefully stuffing his doll with fluffy wool.
{no sun today = not great photos}

next i will bring you ... jointing the appendages and


  1. great team work!
    looking good so far..I have no knowledge to offer, looking forward to seeing the little person.

  2. I HATED stuffing my doll.

    When the tricot was being eaten, how fast were you sewing? I went super, duper, super slow and I had no fabric eating.

  3. tulsileaf . i am going so slow i'm nearly going backwards. its so frustrating. but i loooove stuffing, isnt that funny!! xxx

  4. stuffing must mean it's nearly finished... thats always the fun part!
    That tasmanian devil looked pretty scary! I don't know if I'd like to run into him randomly!
    Have a lovely day XX

  5. OK the one doll (not a waldorf doll) but I traced the pattern onto freezer paper, ironed it onto the fabric (it seals it enough to stay on), then sew around where you are supposed to. Also leave your fabric in one big square and then cut the body parts out and rip the paper off after you have sewn them. I did this and it was so easy, no eating of fabric, thank goodness :)

  6. I've never made a waldorf doll, so I'm following your posts with interest.

  7. Thank you for these posts! Can't wait to make my own!

  8. THese are great, I think I need this book. Thanks!

  9. I have no idea about this either. Looking forward to reading more about the process though ... and the eventual finished product.

  10. wonderful sharing mama x have left alittle treat over on my blog for you xx

  11. bless you for your comment on my giveaway, the post I was meaning has just gone up, you were too quick for me, take another love lovely xxx

  12. I know you need a special needle for your sewing machine...I forget what kind exactly, but dancingraindolls sells them.
    That would be awfully frustrating...but, hey...YOU DID IT!!!!!
    xox maureen

  13. twig and toadstool. my motherinlaw also suggested the needle {you know what m.i.l's can be like but i think she is right!} :). i know with heather ross' faraway1 you need a special sharper/thinner needle also. perhaps i will contact my waldorf doll supplier and ask if she knows what type needle to use. it would solve the issue easily, thank you!

  14. This is fantastic! I can't wait to see how it looks when it's all done! I'm bookmarking these posts so I can make my own too. :-)

  15. PS Emily loves to help stuff the toys I make for her too! So cute!! :-)

  16. You have a super fun blog and I am excited to follow along! =)

  17. I like the idea of having the kids stuff the doll. :) Thanks for sharing. Maybe this will give me the confidence to do it myself :)

  18. hi, sandie from winterwood here, did you use a ball point needle to sew the tricot? did you try to use a stretch knit stitch, did you try using lunch wrap paper underneath the tricot to separate the teeth from the tricot? email me at as I would love to know how it all went