Sunday, April 18, 2010


what do you do for pleasure, to relax, unwind?
i drink coffee, and i make stuff.
what do you do for mind raveling self torture?
i knit socks. (( **i try))........{{this is the entrelauc method, anybody know about it? don't compliment, this is totally not my sock. i wish, its on ravelry.}}

i have knitted them before. (well, one) but yesterday my attempt was on a child's sock. there are a few barriers which i will put forth. number one, the yarn i am working with is yes gorgeous and earthy and handdyed. it is also about the size of a thin dental floss. number two, the needles are four slippery metal size 2's which actually make very good dartspear weapons when thrown across the room. (mine stuck into the beanbag quite dangerously when it was thrown). number three, is the reason it was. i thought they were looking rather big - - when the time came to divide off and shape the heel (about 20rows into) i realized i had awesomely incurredTEN extra bonus stitches than my pattern had so kindly demanded of me. How did that happen? I asked Angela. She did not answer. She had already gone into remainsilentthrowyourneedle mood.

So with no further ado, i turned toward mothernature and went here. AH. the beach. a quiet ancient earthen place of repose. its so restful here. mind erasing. peacening. nobody throwin' needles here.

i'm gonna open up a crafts shop one day. called DARNIT. get it?

and i ain't sellin' socks.
and the next time somebody says " so in so needs socks" i'm gonna sent them to SMARTWOOL.


  1. That sock is awesome but I agree with you that the beach is even more awesome. I keep stumbling upon these bloggers from australia. I like it. :)

  2. Hey, thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment, it's always nice to get comments, but especially nice when it's someone new. Good on ya.

  3. AH is right. A Beautiful beach will cure all ailments. even ones that are caused by knitting socks. I have the same relationship with sock knitting as you. For some reason, I really want to knit socks, but, when in the midst of one, tit drives me batty.

  4. This post made me laugh. =) I can't knit and don't know much about knitting. I saw a thing-a-ma-jig at Michael's Crafts where you can knit two socks at once. You might have mentioned since I can't remember what it is called. The socks in the book that came with the thing looked great. Maybe one day... I have a beginner's knitting kit still in the package. At least you're doing better than me even if your knitting needles are sticking out of the beanbag. hee hee