Saturday, January 30, 2010

A hunting we wiLL GO.. THRIFTING

oK WHO knows how
much fun yard sales are?
I do that's who.
They are on my Top 5 favorite things to do.
It is always so interesting to rummage thru "other people's stuff". It gives insight on how other people live; what they collect; what they like; what they no longer feel they need.
I believe the 'things' in our lives tell a big story.
If someone were to plunder thru your things, wouldn't they be able to write a pretty long summary of you, even if they didn't know you? What would it sAy?
This was a nice find for $3 - an old leather the clasps. It now contains our "HATS". wHEW. We needed it too. Hats everywhere. Now everyone knows where they go. And where to look. Instead of always asking ME.

bEAnbaG. dONtcha love a beanbag?

Old CHILDREN'S CHAIRS. Art project in mind..


Nice old FOWLER pottery. i LOVE old bowls. I love old things!!

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